When in Fès

So, you find yourself going to Fès (or Fez, as I had always thought it spelled) for seven days of the Fès Festival of Sacred Music and you’re looking for a place to stay. You want some place that’s convenient, but not too loud or in the middle of the medina. You’d like a comfortably sized room since you’ll be staying a week. You hope that the people running the place treat you well.

We were lucky enough to find such a place in Dar Anebar (flash website http://www.daranebar.com/fez-riad/naima.html). As you’ll see, the place was gorgeous. The location was a quick $4 dollar taxi ride from the main venues (once you learn the taxi trick of just saying “As-SalaamAlaikum” – “Peace upon you”, the drivers just started giving us the correct fare, even without the meter). And the people running the Dar Anebar treated us like long-lost cousins. Since it was a partner riad to the music festival, we figured it had to be OK and it was easy to find the room we wanted via booking.com. We had Suite Naimi and couldn’t have been happier!