Porchswing at SoBou

When traveling, sometimes it’s fun to try something new and then stick with all of its iterations and permutations. OK, “all” is a bit strong a phrase, maybe it should have been “oft”. So, now we’re oft…

We had our first Porchswings at dinner our first night in New Orleans at a place called Brigtsen’s. Fantastic meal. Maybe the best version of the Porchswing I tasted there and memorable dining experience. Highly recommended.

So, what is this drink? It tastes like a slightly herbal iced tea with a hint of lemon and orange peel, a scent of cucumber and a wee bit of your great-grandmother’s medicine cabinet.

It is in itself a variation of a Pimm’s Cup, a concoction I’d never tasted previously. It’s good. It’s very New Orleans, I hear.

I have yet to give this a go at home, but, send along your favorite recipe and I’ll give it a go.

The fantastic drink in the photo was taken at SoBou and this, despite its artistic merits, ended up ranking #2.