Wine from Rancho Cucamonga


Yes, somewhere between downtown Los Angeles and San Bernardino (and I’d suspect it near Rancho Cucamonga) is an AVA I’d never heard of. An AVA is a geographic description like Napa or Carneros or Champagne, for that matter. Vines have been a part of southern California since the Mission days.

This vines here, apparently, aren’t quite that ancient. But I was told they’re 70-80 years old.

The wine is much newer and is called Fleur de Valle and produced at Joseph Filippi Winery and Vineyards. As I was told, this is the first attempt at winemaking by the wine director of downtown’s Bestia. Using grenache noir, he’s created a very light in color rose. Immediately after opening, it does have a little of that creosote on the nose that isn’t uncommon for warm country wines. But, keep it chilled and give it thirty minutes and that aroma blows off.

It’s not the best rose I’ve ever had, but for something like $10 it’s a perfectly charming pairing with some leftover shrimp and cannellini beans for a Sunday lunch. I’d buy it again.

It seems the perfect hostess gift when visiting friends in eastern Los Angeles county. How often can you bring a wine that was grown within 20 miles? And it’s sure to raise an eyebrow and then a glass. Enjoy!