Nano roaster. Trystero Lot 49


Despite the suggestion of roaster Greg of Trystero, as soon as I made it home I popped some beans into the grinder. He’d said I should wait a few days to let the beans settle/rest/de-air (something). However, he had also hinted that if I were so impatient, I should grind the beans and let them sit for 20-30 minutes before making my doppio ristretto.

It was good. I like it. I’ll come up with some more eloquent phrasings at a later time.

G tried some in her Hario Woodneck the next morning and pronounced it excellent. Now we’ll give it a little time and dig back into it.

We’d first heard of them from @garymenes. If you’re in the neighborhood, give them a shot. Or, let them make you one. Looking forward to our first garage door Saturday morning someday soon.