Turkish Tourism Poster




Happy memories. The second trip G & I took together was to Turkey. That would be about a hundred years ago now, but Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, still evokes very strong memories. Food markets, jumping on the tramway, dining in the flower passage.

Toward the end of our stay, already worked our way into Capadochia, over to Ephesus (Sel├žuk), driving around the Hellenistic ruins of Didyma, Miletus and Priene then finally resting in the fishing village of Ayvalik, we returned to the amazing bustle of Istanbul.

Young(er) and cheap, we opted one day to take the local ferry many people use for their commute up the Bosphorus. It very well may be the same ferry in the ad. You leave the boat just before the Black Sea and walk around an old fort, maybe take in a picnic or just buy some shellfish from a street vendor. In memory, the boat ride cost about $5 (return) and the round trip with stroll took about half a day. Definitely no

This is an ad we came across in an LA Times travel supplement this past weekend.

And if you plan to be in Istanbul for a while, and you should if you can, you could do 200 hours or 500 hours of yoga teacher training with the amazing Chris Chavez. If you do, tell him we say ‘hi!’.