Awaiting lunch @bellstreetfarm…

Awaiting lunch @bellstreetfarm in lovely Los Alamos

You walk in and it looks like a miniature version of  Ye Olde Soda Fountain (intentional mixed metaphor). Then you check out the menu and smack yourself because your hunger isn’t big enough for two entrees! Deliciosity! Nice wines by the glass, intriguing food options. But we were driving, so it was lemonade and a sparkling water or whatever.

We ended up ordering two sandwiches here: one was a pate and the other was pork belly. As much as we love pork belly, we both preferred the pate. Cute little place in a tiny town we love to stay in a night or two a year. Nice inside but even better in their outdoor area out back.

Next time we’re up in Santa Barbara County, we’ll be back!

Oh, and G ate my pickled cauliflower as asphyxia wasn’t part of my plan.