The Art of Spain

We’re lucky enough to have a Tivo-like device and a provider of television-ish entertainment that includes some interesting channels.

At some point, I’d set up a timer improperly for an art show in three parts. It’s called The Art of Spain, hosted by someone named Andrew Graham-Dixon. We’ve actually seen all three of the episodes before. Me, actually, two or three times. Partly because I tend to listen to TV as if it were radio, partly because the story of Spanish art the Moorish history of Spain he tells is so gripping.

It airs from time to time on a channel called Ovation, which is available on Dish on channel 157. Not sure who else carries it. Anyway, if you’re the least bit interested art or cultural history, give it a shot.

It’s a really rewarding way to spend three hours. Use the Search bar and see if it pops up sometime soon. Hope you love it!