Put California and Chardonnay together and rarely would you think they add up to these wines from Greg Brewer (Brewer-Clifton, Melville). His three chardonnays released in 2010 for this Diatom project totaled 5,460 bottles (455 cases). So, these are not easy to find unless you go directly to www.diatomwines.com.

A weathered skeleton
in windy fields of memory,
piercing like a knife


Super clean, dry and balanced with delicate fruit. Made from Santa Rita Hills fruit. The winemaker’s descriptions of follow.

2010 Hamon

Slightly exotic aromatics of lychee and unripe pear followed by flavors of citrus and wet stones. Comparatively more weight and flesh than the others while still maintaining a stern directive characteristic of the project.

2010 Miya

Very noble and ethereal aromatics ranging from citrus skin to a fresh, humid brie rind followed by very pure flavors of lime, agave and salt crystals. Tremendous drive and grip in the mouth

Note that we haven’t tried the third of the wines yet. It’s called Hana Shinobu and is already sold out.

To me, and I don’t possess a really sophisticated or delicate palate nor the words to describe the flavors well, these are delicious sipping wines that are so balanced that they have enormously food-friendly character. They’re not cheap, but if you really like them, they’re worth it 🙂