A happy mistake

This Pascal Bellier 2009 Cheverny was supposed to be a white. I’d picked it up at Silverlake Wine  and didn’t really look at it too hard until i was stowing it at home.

Reds from Cheverny in the Loire valley are predominately Gamay. Not cab franc, which is prominent to the west. So, think cru beaujolais here, not Chinon.

A little fruity, a tiny bit floral, this is a charming and fun wine. We ended up pairing it with some leftover “Tuscan grilled chicken“. A recipe picked up from Cooking Channel TV’s Extra Virgin.  I don’t bother to do the bricks, but I do smash down the chicken while it’s marinating. Definitely go 6+ hours. Up to 24 for that. Cooked on the Egg over charcoal with a couple lumps of pecan wood.

Served with some sauteed bloomsdale spinach with a squeeze of lemon.