A visit with an old friend

It’s been a couple years since we last bought and drank a Passopisciaro. And I know why. But it has nothing to do with the taste. It’s a fantastic, versatile wine that’s good with lighter pastas, a spicy pizza, mushroom risotto or even a roasted chicken.

Shiny, transparent rubies, it’s very pretty in the glass. It’s light and bright with raspberries on the finish, while still having enough body to carry the flavor when having this with our favorite modified pizza margherita—Tomato Pie Pizza Joint’s Grandma Pizza with pepperoni. This time, though, we ended up having it with a bit of grilled halibut with chermoula (a Moroccan-style cilantro-parsley-paprika-lemon-garlic sauce) accompanied by grilled tomatoes, spinach and some rice pilaf.

I did a review of the 2007 Passopisciaro some time ago. And although I don’t totally agree with my assertion that this wine is like a “chianti or vranac”. It’s definitely lighter than either. More finesse. Maybe a more apt description would be a wine with the clarity of the good pinot, but a little tart. But undeniably delicious.

The problem with this wine is that I like it. A lot. But it’s expensive. Back in 2008-9, I’d been able to find those wines for $27-30. This last one rang up at $42, including our substantial local and state taxes.

Long story on this one. We’ll buy another bottle sometime, but I’ll hold it until I just can’t stand to not drink it.

And then I’ll buy another.