Le Pic-Nic

By lunch today, we had left Auberge Veyret in Bardenat, seen the Saturday market in Sarlat-Le-Caneda (huge) to pick up some bread, cheese, sanglier (wild boar) sausage, some plastic cups and a cheap knife.
We were lucky enough (great!) to be allowed to check in at the Hotel Pontet (just OK) in Beynac just off the Dordogne River.
Having dropped the bags off in the room, we headed for a walk along the river to find a bottle if wine and a picnic spot.
The cute little wine store one block off the main drag had 4 roses, one of which was biologique and from nearby Bergerac. She had a botlte chilled so we took that and headed off.
Le Ancienne Cure. It was great on a beautiful early fall day.