What a Jewell

From the Coturri website/order form:

Pinot Noir Jewell Vineyards

Barry and Kate Roach’s Jewell Vineyard is located on the upper part of Sonoma Mountain. The vines are 55 years old, planted on the classic St. George Root stock and grafted with an old clone, probably from an original Burgundian source.

The vines are dry farmed, meaning no irrigation. The clusters fit in the palm of your hand and the berries are the size of peas. The wine is a study of silky tannins because the ratio of juice to skin is heavy toward the skins- a primary source of tannins. This wine is very dark, very ripe and has a wonderful texture.

Aged in re-conditioned French oak barrels for 26 months. A very age worthy, sturdy and classic Pinot Noir.

This wine pairs well with many cuisines. It has the ability to balance a traditional French cream sauce or a simple grilled assemblage of fresh vegetables and meats of your choosing.

Only 150 cases produced.

This may be the wildest pinot noir I’ve ever had. Hard to describe, but it’s definitely an adventure. Had it with roasted chicken and potatoes with a dab of leftover truffle risotto, just to see how it went.