I was just searching through the site and realized I’ve never reviewed any of the wines by Catherine et Pierre Breton, renowned organic Loire Valley winemakers. Loire Valley reds tend to be made of cabernet franc; these are no exception. Perhaps the Bretons are best known for their Bourgeuil Trinch and Chinon Beaumont, we’ve had and liked both but prefer the Beaumont. Those run about $16 and $18 respectively.

The one above is a little different, livelier, wilder. Its called Les Nuits d’Ivresse, no idea of the significance to the name. The label says that it’s biodynamic and I just can’t recall if the others were. It’s so alive you can feel your tongue tingle. Love that! Seriously good stuff.

Price at Silverlake Wine was $27 including tax. Supplies are pretty limited, apparently. But I’m hoping they can get more.

Imported by Kermit Lynch.