A Mirador for the Balcony

No, this is not El Mirador, the giant Mayan site in Guatemalan. This is a very cost-conscious priorat from Spain. We picked this 2007 up from Silverlake Wine for ~$25/bottle including tax. Online, I’m seeing it for $15 at Woodland Hills and  $18 at The Wine House (both in the LA area). The tasting that day also included Odysseus white and red priorats (thanks for the heads-up on those Personal Wine Buyer!). And although the Odysseus red was a superior wine, this was about half the price and way more than half the wine!

Made from Grenache and Carignagne graphes plucked from 40-50 year old vines, this is a delicious wine.

A little geekdom: yields were 500 grams per plant. That’s a pound, folks. Tiny yields. Aged 12 months in medium toast french oak. I believe it was said that it was about 20% new oak, the rest older barrels – so not a lot of oaky components here. Relatively small production, under 500 cases IIRC. 89 points Josh Reynolds (IWC). 91 pts Jay Miller (WA)

Serve it on your balcony in the late afternoon of a balmy spring day with some serrrano ham, a little chorizo, some piquillo peppers and some cheeses…it doesn’t get much better than this. Especially if you can find it for under $20!