A Pair of Songbirds

Out of two successive Kermit LynchBoxes are a pair of really nice Bourgeuils from the same producer, Domaine de la Chanteleuserie. On the left is the Alouettes (red label) and the Beauvais in gold. Both offer up what I would consider to be straightforward, food-friendly wines. Nice with lighter red meat fare, good with roast chicken. My personal preference is the Beauvais ($18 from Kermit Lynch), but either would do if I had just the one at home.

Bourgeuil is a Loire Valley red wine made of Cab Franc. Very similar to Chinon, if you’ve ever had one of those. A bit of green pepper on the nose and palate, but well balanced and just plain good. These are not big, heavy, syrupy caramel-with-vanilla wines. And, to be honest, it took be a couple bottles over the course of some time to get used to the cabernet franc flavor profile. Now, though, I open up one of these and just start thinking “when do we eat?”