Domaine Maestracci

All right. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know that I love the Kermit LynchBox #1. To others, this is maybe the November, 2009 Kermit Lynch fall Box. But it was the first time I’d bought from them.

Overall, the case of 12 was 10:1:1 ( ten winners, one meh, one disgusting undrinkable bottle of swill). Maybe it was a parlour game. But somebody probably liked it.

“It” is the 2005 Domaine Maestracci “e Prove” corsican red wine.

Here are the notes from Kermit Lynch y co.:

The first of our reds took us deep into the Mediterranean, to the island of Corsica. The 2006 E Prove Rouge from Domaine Maestracci ($19.95) is a perfect food wine. I say that because it is young, tannic, and firm, could spend 5+ years in the cellar but it is still approachable now. The blend is 35% Nielluccio (the islands descendant of Sangiovese), 35% Grenache, 15% Sciacarello (no identified mainland cousin at this time), and 15% syrah. This is a dark, inky wine, with a lot of wonderful maquis, the aroma of Corsica’s brushland.

Here are my original notes:  Hated it. Hate hate hate. The only clunker from Kermit LynchBox #1. Brutal.

In retrospect: Run away. As Fast As You Can. Even at an average of $12/bottle, this one just doesn’t cut i. But, 10 of the other 11 were so good that this was worth it. I guess the other thing to say is that now I can claim to have had a Corsican wine.