I’ll take your Bandol and this

Personal Wine Buyer just wrote about a pair of rosés. The Domaine Tempier is my all-time favorite, but it’s not inexpensive for a rose.

Although I’m still working through a backlog of wine and food reviews that nobody is apparently going to write for me, life goes one.  So, some of the older favorites are waiting for their reviews.


Pity me.

Life trudges on. I cook and I eat and I drink.
Fontsainte corbieres rose
Last Saturday, we made our beloved shrimp and beans. I like to think of it as our old Tuscan family recipe except I’m not Italian. So I found it on italianmade.com. (Note that they don’t specify garlic quantity. I find that 2-3 cloves, very thinly sliced is perfect)

So, when thinking about a pairing, I opted for a rose since G wasn’t eating this with me. Whites are often wasted on me, so a rose seemed the way to go. From my first Kermit LynchBox, a 2008 Corbieres rose from Domaine de Fontsainte was among the last bottles remaining.

A nice wine, good acidity. The color is a little pinker than salmon, nice acidity. But it’s a little thin on the palate. Taken into consideration that it’s a $16 bottle that I paid about $12 for, it’s well worth the money but not likely to change the world. I’ve had a couple other Corbieres roses in the past and this one seems pretty typical. Nothing to run away from, but if you’re feeling like a little splurge, go for the Tempier Bandol.

The last time we ate this dish, we had it with a fantastic black-label Gavi. Yet another of the little glass guys awaiting a few kind words.