A Nero We All Can Love


We were over at the Wine House in West LA to pick up some Holus Bolus syrah and managed to come home with another 18 bottles of wine. Brutal!

Looking for good value reds can be a little challenging, but this one was marked as a Staff Favorite and cost ~$10. So, it seemed worth a taste.

It had been open for about an hour before tasting it for the first time and it was definitely tight in the nose. Definitely some fruit was poking through but the bulk of what I picked up was tannin.

So I walked away. When I came back to it an hour or so later it was delish – nice fruit (blackberry and plum) with a good mouthfeel and balance. It only improved the next day. I did use the Vacuvin, but let the thing open up some moreĀ  before pouring the second day.

Went nicely with the pine nut/currant meatballs and simple red sauce on penne.

I’d definitely pick up more of this at that price. Or, I guess I could have written “next time I see this wine, there will be no fiddling about”. But if I had done that I’d have to cringe.