A little travel before we go?


I’d been checking out personalwinebuyer‘s blog and saw a post for a Fontodi (Chianti Classico) from Panzano. G & i were in Panzano for a few days back in April, 2007. That’s the bulk of the town of Panzano in the photo.


We timed our trip to coincide with an annual celebration based on a medieval morality play and to be sure to have dinner at Dario Cicchini’s restaurant. Renowned as the Dante-quoting butcher in Bill Buford’s spectacular kitchen book Heat, Dario opened a restaurant called Solo Ciccio, which roughly translates as Only Meat.

Along with a great meal and an interesting remnant from the early days of Panzano, we had the chance to walk through vineyards.

Panzano is pretty magical.