Passopisciaro IGT


I picked up my first bottle of this at the Wine House in West LA back in 2007 and enjoyed it enough to look for some more of it. I found that Wine Exchange in Orange, California had it for about $26/bottle, so I picked up 6 of those. Sadly, this may be the last of them in the cellar so I will need to search out more of it.

Passopisciaro IGT

Quick tasting notes: Beautiful medium ruby color – transparent like a pinot. Restrained fruit and white pepper on the nose. Great balance on the palate but I do find it hard to distinguish specific elements of flavor.

As an aside, I tend not to be able to isolate individual flavors in wines like some people do. I tend to taste more from a pairing with foods standpoint than as standalone beverage. Having said that, I’ll rarely consider a wine as recommended (“Mi piace!”) if it isn’t pleasant to drink on its own AND if it doesn’t complement some kind of food.

The 2005 Passopisciaro  IGT is comparable in body, weight, etc. to a chianti or vranac and would go with similar foods – pastas, charcuterie, cheeses, grilled chicken or sausages. It’s not quite big enough to stand up to a steak or roast, but it’s a really adaptable wine. I really like this wine but at ~$27 a bottle it isn’t really an everyday drinker for us, though I wish it were.

[EDIT – I did a little searching after posting this and see that the 2006 is around $40! Not only that, but the pricing on remaining bottles of the 2005 seems to be at that pricepoint, too. Dang!]