Wind whipped stinging sand and hail the likes of which we’d never seen before.

Locals called it Thursday.

It might not have been far. Or hard. Or the sandstorm of a lifetime. But it was fun! 

Blue ice

Not the Scandinavian cop show.

At the end of the trek there was a glacier in Chile.  

It’s Oulili, was Volubilis

With apologies to rhyme patterns and They Might Be Giants, it’s both…

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When in Fès

So, you find yourself going to Fès (or Fez, as I had…

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Welcome Back!

Since the last posts from Austria and the Italian Alps, we’ve also…

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Which way do you want to go

After jumping off the gondola lift from Siusi to Compatsch in the…

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Ride on, Vienna

    Why did we end up in Vienna—Waltz? No.  Mozart? Nope. Fluency in…

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Porchswing at SoBou

When traveling, sometimes it’s fun to try something new and then stick…

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What a great show last Saturday night with the amazing John Boutte.…

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Crabby Wife

Sometimes there’s nothing else you can do first thing in the morning.…

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Mira! Another good rose

Currently ranked #2 for summer rosés at our house, Miraval, by celebrity…

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